About Gurukul Classes

Savors a vision to Provide quality education and to be a true Guide to the students community.Our aim to build an Institute for education Provides a complete new vision towards education. Intelligence adorned with character building is our goal.

The education Provided by Gurukul is Unique as here the students learn in an Interactive way. We have thus made a Commitment to continue Providing a vibrant, creative, stimulating and challenging coaching that gives students not only a chance to excel in academic lift but also develop their potential.

We at Gurukul today are a reliable and trusted name and our results bear testimony to this Fact.


The momentum grew On Basis of Quality, Enhanced Services and facilities. A new era was started once we launched science College section. A small seed started to grow in all dimensions. Further the services & facilities were improved. Dynamic Teachers & Staff were recruited. Interaction with Parents & Students on personal basis was enhanced. We got Overwhelming response by large students and still counting. The premises started spreading out. A System started unfolding. With growing confidence the Core Team involved more Enterpreneurs & Teachers in the venture and a strong Management Unit got evolved.

We create aptitude for the subject in the child, provided he/she is ready to put his/her efforts sincerely.

  • If the child is average, we will make him bright and if he/she is bright, we will make him/her shine.
  • We emphasize on basics and fundamentals and start each and every chapter from the scratch so that the foundation becomes strong.
  • Time to time, printed assignments containing extra questions for practice are given to students. After the completion of chapter, we conduct the test of that chapter. After evaluation, the class-wise report is displayed on our Score Board, along with the photograph of the student, securing highest marks. It brings a feeling of competition in the students, and the students always try to Come up in the list.
  • The parents are also intimated about the test results, through our SMS facility.
  • Strict discipline is maintained at the Institute, if any student is found to be mischievous and creating nuisance, then strict action is taken against him/her.