Rules & Regulations

  • Students should park their vehicles at the cycle stand (as directed by watchmen).
  • Students should lock their vehicles properly; there is no responsibility of coaching in case of any theft of vehicle.
  • If any student comes earlier than the scheduled time of batch, then he/she is not allowed to stand outside the coaching, at the cycle stand.
  • Also, after the batch gets over, students are not allowed to stand outside at the parking area.
  • After the dispersal of classes, students should quietly leave the class, without making any fuss.
  • Students are strictly not allowed to chit-chat with ANY TYPE OF OUTSIDER in the coaching premises (including cycle stand). If anyone is found doing so, strict action may be taken against him/her.
  • If any student is bringing his/her mobile phone, then he/she should keep it on silent/vibrating mode in the coaching premises. Students are not allowed to use their mobiles without the permission.
  • If any student’s mobile is found ringing in the class, then it may be seized by the authorities.
  • Coaching will not tolerate any kind of INDISCIPLINE in any case. The entire space in the coaching is covered under CCTV CAMERAS, so student may be EXPELLED, if found doing any wrong activity in the coaching.
  • Chewing of supari, pan masala, tobacco and chewing gum is strictly prohibited in the coaching. A fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied if found so.
  • Fine will be charged on the student who is found destroying coaching’s property.
  • Students, who are not doing hard work or who are found indulging in activities which harms the reputation of Gurukul Classes, may be expelled from the coaching at any time.
  • Students shall keep silence in and outside the classes.
  • Students have to deposit their fees on time, failing which, they may be asked to leave the coaching.
  • Students are suggested to keep a record of their fees paid, without which, no claim will be entertained.
  • Students have to deposit 1st installment within 6 days of date of admission.
  • Student can leave a subject within one month of date of admission only. There is no provision of leaving any subject or deduction of fee after that.
  • Any tax shall be charged on the fee if applicable as per government rules.

Note : Student will not we allowed to attend the class, if the fee will not be deposited on due date.